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Southwold Primary School

School Locality Committee

The Consortium Trust are passionate about our people - children and adults alike. We want only the best staff to work with our children, people who really believe in our ethos and values, people who want to make a difference to the lives of the children in our schools, so that they grow into confident, successful leaders of their own lives and of the future.

Please find the following information relating to our school's Locality Committee.
  • Particulars of Office for the Locality Committee; 

  • Pecuniary, Personal & Business Interests for the current academic year;

  • Meeting Attendance for the previous academic year;

  • Historic LC members;

Please see our LC member information below and if you would like to consider joining your school's Locality Committee, please speak to Miss Gail Jerman, Academy Head.

A message from Dawn Carman-Jones (chair of trustees)

As a result of recent resignations from the Locality Committee at YVPS, the Committee is no longer quorate according to the Trust Scheme of Delegation.  Therefore the Trust Board has temporarily suspended any delegation until a reformed committee has been established.  The Trust Board is actively working with the Academy Head to recruit new members to the Locality Committee with specific interest in:

  • Safeguarding
  • Staff and Pupil Wellbeing
  • Education and learning (the pupil experience)
  • Health and Safety and Premises

We are also seeking to elect parent representatives.

If you are interested in knowing more about the Locality Committee functions and would like to support your community schools we would love to hear from you.  Please register your interest initially with Gail Jerman (Academy Head) and we will contact you directly.

October 2020